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Free Palestine and Holy States from Socialist and Communist Incitement Apartheid Confinements
As brothers against War and Terrorism we shall work together in Israel and Palestine for the divine Ma'at known in Ancient Phoenicia

William AE Baafi of Gold Moor Sound (351-322-5284)

Fedayn Palestina Court demonstrates this Divination and Order to achieve Ma'at in their music. The societies answer by building strident solutions to all qualms as the councils discuss, whether at Shisha Bars, Coffee Cafes, and even Marijuana Centres. Relief from total disaster can be achieved through interchange and divine resourcement
Free Palestine and Holy States from Socialist and Communist Incitement Apartheid Confinements
Progress in Peace within Palestine and Israel shall occur in time, yet time and space are infinite for perfected progress. Fedayn Palestina is an example of the whirling dirvishes of Turkey known to help societies away from serious troubles and sorrows. This divine energy is resounded into achievements for mutual objectives. My hope is that war victims will receive relief through SSA International. Please join us to pray for the war victims whom deserve every chance in the world to achieve equal to advantaged sourced societies. Trafficking Judicion and Progressive Societal Justice should be the job of war victims, hired by The United Nations and SSA International
Free Palestine and Holy States from Socialist and Communist Incitement Apartheid Confinements
Syrian War was caused by The Hague not charging and Lethally Executing Charles Taylor and Black African Combatants. Ending The Syrian War and achieving Peace between Israel and Palestine can be achieved through International Judicion Action.

DIA Losses have been limited by cooperation of Arabs, and support of Islamic, Christian, and Jewish Clerics, Rabbis and Religious Leaders within Arab Trading Zones. We request DIA mandate SSA Disability to every war victim in the Arab World at $2244 per month

Historical Preface: Addressing Peace and Recovery

Uganda and other Enemies of Israeli Palestinian Peace caused the Six Day Way and other Conflicts

Libyans, Palestinians, Egyptians and Israelis should form a Unity Front to End War in Syria. The Conflict in Syria was commenced to destroy The Holy Lands and to annihilate Semitic Peoples both of Islamic and Jewish Religion

The Trading in Conflict Minerals from Central and West Africa may have caused the Wars between Israel and Palestine, further inciting Warfare in North Africa

Libyan Students Semester One:

Ancient Calculus

Solid State Chemistry

Black Matters and Reconnaissance

Book Manufacturing and Ancient Timbuctou

2020 Vision of Algebra

Column Areas

Linear Algebra Phasements and Linear Tangential Aggregate Phases of Social Media Psychopathy Trends

Orthogon Vector Design and Python Missile Defence Array Program versus HTML8 Web Based Defence Arrays


Mathematical Singulars

Pedagogues and Street Justice

Vibrations and Waves

Psychopathy and Waves of Engineering Geniusment to counteract Sociopathic Shields

The Kings of Libya are Democratic supports of The One Peace of Society, supporting King Hassan, One King, and the leaders of North Africa, ravaged by Economic Frailty Marketing targeted to enslave Libyans. We at Islamic Science Education Inc. find that Cannibalism, Child Molestation, Child Combatant Prostitution, and Incurrence to Child Molestation speciate in The Liberian Civil War end permanently. In our research of factions that incited conflicts in Pakistan during the 1960's and post-colonial allocative investment phasement, that the conflicts in the hinterlands of Pakistan are caused by Prostitute Genetic Sourced persons localized to Cannibalism. The Sharia Councils of Pakistan often agree. Puritanical Ethics and Morality of The British Commonwealth should abide to trust as negotiators in Pakistan, Iran, Oman, Qatar and other crucial Maghribate Nations proceed to justice.

Spanish Islam and Maghribate

Book of Knowledge - WEB DuBois in Costa Rica

Constant Gardener


By Any Means Necessary (Malcolm X Speeches and Writings)

The Sword and the Shield

Austrian Police are investigating persons recruited to Target Qadafi during 1980's and establishment of Libya Courts to confirm efforts of specific faction.
Democratic Islam Rap Movement

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